On my first day of graduate school our professor welcomed us to the counseling program and said, "Welcome to Therapy; where your life and your relationships will never be the same". If that ain't the truth, I don't know what is. 

-Emily Weis, LPC

  Oakland University; Class of 2010






Hey, Clinician!

You've spent a fortune earning advanced degrees and specialized trainings to become the best therapist you could become. Who woulda thunk that somewhere along the way the weight of vicarious trauma, stress and burnout would have started to eat away at your happiness and damage your relationships. Yikes!


You've probably even asked yourself at some point, "I have degrees in this shit. Why can I fix myself?"


Notice that stress eating is the only kind of eating you do anymore. Jelly beans for breakfast are fruit, aren't they?

Realize that session after session causes you to feel super isolated. It's the irony of therapy, am I right?

Put on a good show for clients and colleagues, but you're drowning in compassion fatigue.  Where is the lie? 

Have a tendency to treat and diagnose those who aren't your clients. Looool, we've all been there. 

Don't have the emotional bandwidth to "show up" to your own partner. Whew, that's a toughy.

Feel like your soul is being ground to dust by the weight of treatment and crisis planning. I got you.  

Are a hella good clinician and are smart enough to recognize that it's time to start therapy. Yep! You so totally are. 

Yes, you're right. You know all of the fancy therapy jargon, have an arsenal of therapy skillz and could assess a crisis with your eyes closed. And you're smart enough to set aside your pride and recognize that even helpers need help. It's time to prioritize your health and wellbeing. 

What makes Emily special?

If you have bee bopped around my website, you've probably already read that I specialize in 3 things: 

  1.  Adults with relationship issues who experience depression & anxiety

  2.  Gottman Method Couples Therapy

  3. Therapy for Therapists

I'm not a generalist; I'm a specialist. I only work with 3 populations of clients and am highly trained in these areas>>. 

  •  I didn't complete my education in Georgia and am a transplant. Meaning, I am likely not in the circle of peeps you know personally or professionally. 

  •  You'll be given the space to just be a client, but you'll be treated as an equal.

        Fun Facts:  

Insurance Accepted:


OR $100 Per 60 Minute Session