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Hey, Adults!

I believe in a humanistic approach to therapy where folks are treated like individuals and not a diagnosis--I see you DSM! For the past decade I have trained in world renowned therapies that help folks take control of their brains and create new behaviors to improve their quality of life--emotionally and physically. 

I bet you're thinking, "how in the hell are we gonna do all that?" Dude, I've got your back. 

Psychodynamic Therapy:

This old school therapy style is a great way to begin to slow down, begin to understand your thoughts and emotions and gain greater insight as to why you do the things you do. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): 

Once you learn more about yourself by way of psychodynamic therapy, you'll probably want to change a few things. This beauty will help you to retrain your brain and thought patterns. You'll break old habits and establish new patterns--ones that you actually like. An oldie, but a goodie!

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy: 

Combined with CBT, you will begin practicing different methods of cultivating presence within yourself in an effort to slow down, pay attention to your mind and body, and enjoy life a little more today. 

Polyvagal Theory: 

You will learn how your nervous system, aka your body, responds to the crazy events that happened throughout your life and begin learning different methods to heal your body's response and moods. 

In short, a quiet mind + calm body = a life of enjoyment. 

FACT: I only use evidenced based therapies and add a touch of science as well. Like neurobiology and stuff. This ain't your mama's therapy



Your anxious thoughts are becoming a kill joy for you and those you share your life with. It's time to prioritize YOU. 


If retail therapy isn't working anymore perhaps we should talk about something you didn't

buy--your bummed out moods. 


Your mind runs in circles and reminds you of everything that you did wrong today and, well, the last decade. Yikes!


When you're stressed out and eat a plate of nachos, bag of chocolates and 7 slices of pizza--for breakfast--It's time we chatted about eating your feelings. 

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