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Hey, Sad Friend! 

Life doesn't have to suck. Seriously. 

Depression is one of those things that has the potential to sneak up and swallow you whole. It starts off with a few bad days here and there. But, next thing you know, you are eating peanut butter cups for breakfast, blowing off your friends, ignoring your partner and fantasizing about hate-quitting your job. Even worse? Your brain tells you that you look fat in those jeans. 

Symptoms of Depression

- Stewing about all the things that went wrong today, or hell, the past decade. 
- Laying awake rehashing conversations over and over
instead of sleeping. 
- Eating your feelings.
- Frequent tearfulness. 
- Picking another show to binge watch over spending time with friends and family. 
- Difficulty focusing or paying attention.
- Wearing yoga pants to the couch instead of wearing them to yoga. 
- Feeling detached from yourself or the world around you. 
- Self loathing and worthlessness. 
- Allowing social media content to influence your mood and sense of self.


Therapy Treatment for Depression

For those that have experienced lifelong symptoms of depression on and off over the years and want to get to the root of their symptoms, psychodynamic therapy and attachment therapy are a good place to start. These therapy interventions will help you better understand your thoughts, moods and innermost desires. To begin embarking on changing your perception of yourself, others and the world around you, we will likely lean on the skillset of cognitive behavioral therapy as well. But, as I always say, mental health treatment for depression involves both the mind and body. So, begin leading a healthier and balanced lifestyle will be beneficial to you. 

If retail therapy isn't working anymore, perhaps it's time to begin real therapy for depression. It's about time you prioritized yourself and begin growing your inner voice.  

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