Couples wait an average of 7 years after an issue has festered to seek out therapy. It's definitely time to get it together. 

-Gottman Method Institute

What's Gottman Method?

Back in the 1970's there was a mathematician named John Gottman. He was a numbers guy, but he happened to study couples. Or rather, he quantified the behavior patterns of couples. He later earned his PhD in Psychology and married his brainiac research partner Julie Schwartz Gottman. Together they founded the Gottman Institute. Gottman Method Couples Therapy is essentially the psychology of relationships, but based in math. Who doesn't love that?

Learn How To: 

+ Improve your communication 

+ Strengthen your friendship with each other

+ Feel less like roommates

+ Reduce conflict and feeling gridlocked

+ Understand each other's perspectives

+ Increase connection and intimacy

You need an expert, not just a generalist.
Emily has completed all 3 levels of Gottman Method trainings.

What Should I Expect?

1st Session: The Intake Interview (90 minutes). We’ll talk about the history of your relationship, areas of concern, and what you both would like to focus on while in therapy.  You’ll receive a homework assignment in which each of you will complete a relationship assessment (online).

2nd Session: Individual interviews (45 minutes each). I will meet with you both individually either on the same day or within the same week. We will talk about your personal and family history.

3rd Session: Treatment Planning (90 minutes). I will combine the information from both of your interviews and the online assessment and formulate a treatment plan based on Gottman’s research-based methods. This session is a bit more science and data driven, but it’s quite fun and will provide a roadmap for the rest of our time together.

In subsequent sessions we’ll keep doing the work of building skills to help you strengthen and deepen your relationship.

Couples Therapy During Covid -19:

I can't think of a better reason to get couples therapy after being cooped up on the house together for over a year--and we have many more months to go. Insanity!

Couples must be located in Georgia or Michigan at the time of each appointment. 

Good Stuff: 

+ You'll feel more cozy with each other in the comfort of your own home. 

+ Sharing one device will allow you to be close to each other to engage in therapy activities together. 

+ Virtual sessions allow folks in rural parts of the state to obtain expert relationship therapy. 

90 Minute Sessions


Intake $175

Insurance is not accepted for couples therapy.