Licensed Professional Counselor

Emily Weis

Life doesn't have to suck.
Relationship Therapy & Therapy for Adults.

Virtual therapy for Georgia & Michigan residents hosted in Savannah, Georgia

I'm looking at you. Yes, YOU! It's time to start prioritizing the most important relationship in your life--The one with yourself. 


Feel like your relationship is a dumpster fire. I got you. 


Feel so stressed out that you emotionally ate a dozen cookies... For breakfast. No judging here

Put on a good show, but you're really super bummed out all of the time. Ugh, I hate that for you. 

Can't stop your brain from reminding you of all the things you've done wrong... for the past decade. We've all been there. 

Can't seem to get along with friends or family. Let's figure out your daddy issues. 

Feel like memes are becoming more relatable to you than humans are. Dude, seriously. It's time to start therapy.


It's no secret. Folks like yourself that are sad and worried all of the time tend to mess up relationships--Accidentally. And if you're like most people, you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. In the biz we call that "insanity". Don't worry--you're not actually insane!
It's time for you to prioritize yourself and learn to do life and relationships a new way. We will retrain your brain and repattern your behaviors.
FACT: I only use evidenced based therapies and add a touch of science as well. Like neurobiology and stuff. This ain't your mama's therapy. 


It's about time you started to prioritize yourself. Put down the chocolate and let the adventures begin!


So you stop blowing up your relationships. Oh, and to build a deeper connection with those around you, of course. 


Sessions are currently held virtually on a HIPAA compliant platform. 

Forms are completed electronically on a secure platform. Yay for saving trees!

Virtual clients must be located in Georgia or Michigan and must be 21+.

Pajamas welcome.

For Your Information

Prior to March 2020, therapy sessions were held in person. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, sessions were shifted from in-office visits to virtual telehealth visits. Due to a newfound love of working from home, sessions will continue to be held virtually until further notice.